Test equipment

SPEA Flying Probe 4080

The fastest and most accurate flying probe ever.

160 touches/sec. 50µm pad contactable at high speed without leaving marks. 8 multi-function flying heads.

SPEA Flying Probe 4020, 4050, 4060

3 models to satisfy any testing need.

From prototype to NPI to production test.

Flying Probe S2 offer low cost of test and no field return.

SPEA Bed of Nails Tester 3030

True Parallel Test: 8x productivity
Ultra-fast test speed: lowest cost of test
Ultra-fast handling: 3 sec
Automated application development
100% Fault Coverage
Cost-effective Per Pin architecture
Precise contacting with motorized receiver
Fully upgradeable & customizable
1000+ of 3030 systems installed worldwide

SPEA Functional Tester 3030T

Cost-effective high-reliability functional test
Multifunction test capabilities for unmatched coverage
Wide configurability, full modularity
Compact & ergonomic design

SPEA Power Module Test Cells

SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells are the complete industrial equipment oriented to the production test requirements of IGBT semiconductor power modules for consumer, transportation, energy production, industrial applications.

SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells provide a turnkey solution for the automated handling, contacting and testing of these products, with the capability to force and measure the very high current (up to 1000 A) and voltage (up to 2500 V) values required for a complete, reliable test.