DEK NeoHorizon iX

ASM DEK NeoHorizon Printer

With its modular design, the latest generation of our powerful screen printers is customizable for any customer-specific or application-specific requirements. Clamping systems, conveyors, toolings, paste managementverification, the new version of the
DEK ProFlow ATx print head system – the DEK NeoHorizon can be equipped and/or retrofitted with many powerful and precision-enhancing options. All this flexibility can be controlled easily and comfortably with the leading printer software: DEK Instinctiv™ V9.

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Galaxy Platform

ASM DEK Galaxy Printer

The DEK Galaxy platform brings the efficiency and precision of modern printing methods to the world of semiconductor production and hybrid-packaging applications. It sets new industry standards in advanced semiconductor packaging with regard to yield, repeat accuracy and efficiency.

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ASM E by Dek Series

The E by DEK delivers E-Performance with:

  • 8 seconds core cycle time
  • Fast setup changeovers
  • High repeatability

With the shortest cycle times and the fastest product changeovers paired with maximum repeat accuracy, the E by DEK sets new standards in the mid-speed segment.

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