Pallets and Fixtures

Stone Mountain Wave Pallets


At some point during the manufacturing process, the need to protect a part of a circuit board or detail is necessary. The application and drying time of liquid masks can be a slow and expensive process and the use of kapton tape only makes things worse. The use of a Masking Pallet can save a great deal of valuable time and provide a repeatable process. A masking pallet will have a series of selected areas of the material left intact to support and mask specific areas of the PCB.

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Stone Mountain PCB Stiffeners


Oftentimes the need of a pallet is not necessary or practical, however due to the size of PCB or weight of the assembly and its components, the PCA may sag. Stone Mountain Tool edge stiffeners are designed to snap on the edge of the circuit board to allow rigidity to the board during processing.

All edge stiffeners are custom made to accommodate thickness and to clear for components that may be close to the edge.

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Stone Mountain Wash Trays


Super heavy duty, Stainless Steel wash trays are made from 16 ga., perforated sheet. They are welded, corner braced, and hemmed for operator safety. A unique fine mesh Stainless Steel drape lid is utilized to minimize PCA movement during washing. The lid is retractable and is provided with a convenient locking lift handle mounted to a lid stiffener. Trays can be custom fabricated to any size and depth.

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