Cleaning Solutions

Zestron PCB Cleaning Agents

When cleaning PCB assemblies, the primary goal is to remove contaminants from populated boards and hybrid circuits resulting from fluxes and improper handling.  The use of engineered PCB cleaning solutions is essential to ensure flux residues are fully removed from the assemblies used in high-reliability applications and industries such as automotive, medical, aerospace, and military. 

The targeted use of a cleaning agent substantially improves the integrity of subsequent processes such as bonding and conformal coating.  Residues can cause improper adhesion of bonds that can lead to failures such as heel cracks or lift-offs. During the coating process, remaining residues can result in poor wetting and delamination that can cause assembly failures and ultimately lead to field failures.

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Zestron Stencil Cleaning Agents

ZESTRON offers aqueous-based MPC® cleaners as well as solvent-based cleaners.  Our stencil cleaning agents as well as the cleaning equipment provided by internationally leading manufacturers can be tested under production floor conditions in our Technical Center. 

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MicroCare Presaturated Wipes

This is a mild, economical surface cleaner packaged in a unique, sturdy, re-useable plastic tub. This cleaner is very effective on most all solder pastes and fluxes, plus fingerprints, uncured epoxy residues, light oils and grease. Mild and skin-safe, MultiClean™ is used on all types of electronics and PCBs, tools, machinery and work benches

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Microcare Bench Cleaning System

The MicroCare® Circuit Board Cleaning Station is the best way to use today’s new, high-performance PCB cleaning fluids. Each Kit contains everything you need to get started cleaning faster, better, safer and cheaper. When connected to an aerosol canister of MicroCare solvent, this combined system removes fluxes, oils, tape residues, grease, and even white residues without damage to electronics. The kit includes: one  TriggerGrip™ dispenser, one Bench Mounting Kit, one can of Heavy-Duty Flux Remover — SuprClean™, and two packages of High-Performance Lint-Free Dry Wipes (100 wipes) for maximum absorbency, plus literature and cable ties. 

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